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Warranty Forfiet

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I was wondering if any of the latest and greatest mods like lowering the suspension,changing the computor programming or putting on a Roush Supercharger would void the warranty on my new 06'? I know its a silly question but everytime I've seen a new Mustang a lot of changes happen quick. I just sold my last AMC AMX and I keep thinking that a supercharger would make a serious improvement but I don't want to void any warranties just yet. If having the Ford dealer install it would that be a way around it?
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i beleive if u mess with anything (remove, add new things) it voids it
If you find a dealer thats willing to install it your warranty will probably be good.

If you install anything and you have dealers like we do up here then kiss it goodbye.

And before somebody mentions the MM act its a fallacy and does not hold up at all.
It all depends. Tampering with the PCM will void it if they see that the ecu was reflashed. It's not hard to see when it was reflashed by a tech. I know when I worked at Ford we had kids that reflashed it and then reflashed it back to stock but the EECPROM logged it and we caught it.

The rule is if the mod caused the failure and they have to prove this, then the warranty is voided. On my 99 cobra I installed BBK Longtubes, o/r H pipe, flowmasters, 4.10's, Steeda tri-Ax, cai, Steeda u/d pulleys and a SHM tune and had warranty work done with no problems.

However that supercharger can do alot of damage if its not runed right or installed wrong. If anything goes wrong with the engine, you bet they will blame that blower and they have a good stand too.
[QUOTE='03Stang]i beleive if u mess with anything (remove, add new things) it voids it[/QUOTE]

that's totally wrong. go to the SEMA website and look up the Moss Magnusen (or something similar) Act.

Basically, the part you change isn't covered (which is fair, as Ford shouldn't cover your new headers), but everything else is covered, unless they can PROVE your work caused the damage you're trying to get covered.

This extends to competition use. But Ford is usually pretty good about amateur drag racing, SVT events, etc.

But you're more likely to have a warranty denied if you dragrace, than swapping parts.

SC, Turbo, and N2O applications are considered stressful, so the entire powertrain can be effected, but Ford generally sends out an engineer to look at the part to determine what happened.

So if you were to disconnect the power adder and try to claim warranty, the evidence (melted piston, etc.) will be there to show if it was a defect or something you did.
Using Nitrous also leaves a smell inside the combustion chambers and on pistons too.
Thanks for all the info!
I think the 4;10s would be a good start and then one the Flowmasters cat back kits.Its beginning to look a lot like X-Mas:dunce:
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