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Warranty voids?

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Hey y'all. I just got a 2017 GT Premium, and I'm wondering what performance mods WON'T void any warranties. Do exhaust and cold air intake, for example, have to be a certain brand (Like Roush or Ford Racing?) I am brand new here, so please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere! :wink:
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Anything that doesn't touch the engine block will not void the warranty. So both of those will not void your warranty and you can probably get the dealer to install them for you. Once you touch the engine block like "intake manifold" then your warranty is void. Also touching the ECU will void your warranty (I'm not sure about that one).
Also, you don't have to stick with a brand for anything that doesn't void the warranty. You can use any manufacturer you like.

there is no real answer but MY best one is to remain friends with your dealer. An exhaust/CAI should NOT void any wtty (except freak stuff) but some dealers ain't friendly. Make sure whatever CAI you get does NOT require a tune as that might void most of your wtty. Be aware CAI's are for sound/bling only and you will not get any performance benefits from them.

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I see East Coast and will guess NJ from your avatar...if you are north check out this Rob & I run cruises several times per year:
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Awesome, I know that the Roush Phase 1 supercharger comes with a separate warranty and from what I hear can only be installed by a Ford dealer. Thanks for your help!
forgot to add...on paper the magnuson-moss act says unless any mfr can prove the parts caused harm the dealer has to wtty it, in the real world a dealer can just claim your air freshener caused your engine to implode and deny wtty work and not fix it. What happens then is you don't have a working car till you win in court. I would talk with the dealer where you would bring it in for wtty work and talk to them. I am on good terms with my small town dealer and the one time I needed something (legit something) they came through for me.
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Be very careful!!!!!! Several years ago, my Ford Dealer refused to repair the parking Brake mechanism on my car. They tried to convince me that I had installed an aftermarket parking brake, and it wasn't covered by the warranty. After bickering with them for about 20 minutes and talking to the manager, who also said it was not covered, I was able to show them that the parking brake had not been changed. I had added a decorative e-brake handle over the end of the parking brake handle. Finally,I was able to convince them to look at another car on their lot and make a comparison. They finally agreed to order the part and repair it.
Do you think that anyone there said "We were mistaken, sorry for the convenience." ??? I'm still waiting for the call.
I can say that I've played in NJ! Went to Atlantic City and took some money from the pros back in October. They had no idea what to do with a pretty female poker player that could talk cars too. LOL But I'm actually from VA.
I forgot to mention that I purchased Ford Racing Exhausts and CAI/Tune from the Dealer and had them install it. No problems related to any warranty work.
From the dealers I have talked to: "no specific part with void your wtty. But, any specific aftermarket part installed will void "that portion" of your wtty." So what I have understood from conversations with them is that if when I installed my short throw shifter, I have voided the wtty on my shifter, obviously since it's no longer on the car and the new one is. However, I may have also voided anything else transmission or shift linkage or basically anything else they can pin on my messing with the shifter. For example when I had my first free oil change service done, I asked them to look into a clunk I was feeling in my drivers seat when I would corner in a more "spirited manor". They came back to me and some how were trying to pin it on the Steeda K member brace I had installed because when they lifted the car the tech heard a popping noise from somewhere under the car, and could find nothing with the seat itself. He supposedly tightened one of the K member bolts 1/8 turn, set the car down and lifted it again and the pop did not occur. Then since this was not a factory part he had touched, had to charge me $139 for his diagnostic.... So my "free" service was no longer free because of an aftermarket part I had installed that had absolutely nothing to do with the problem with my seat. I refused to pay and told them I would test drive the car and when the seat still popped, which it did, I was not paying squat! So I left with my "free pain in the ... service" and will not be visiting that stealer ever again. So in short, IMHO dealers will and have done anything possible to get out of wtty work. Best of Luck!!
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