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afbomb said:
what power adders can i put on my new 06 gt stang without voiding the warranty?
Ask there. They can tell you. But in short. I don't think you are going to hide a supercharger from anyone, when you bring your pony in for an oil change. Same with Turbos. Very hard to disguise as, say, led lights or a new stereo. Nitrous plumbing might be hidden and not run when the tune is back to standard with a handheld or laptop tuner, like XCalibrator or Predator.

I would start with those.

or best, send Ken, at Modular Depot, an email and ask what he can do for you within warranty with just his custom tune for our Mustangs :) You will be very happy. The tuner stores your stock tune, on itself so you can switch back to that one, before you bring your car in for service.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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