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wastegate and new turbo issues

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Hey guys posting here and svvoa looking for advise.

I have a rebuilt motor in my 84 svo e6 ported inline intake la2 swap with cherry turbo rebuild turbo t3 t4.. installed it all and seems im only getting minimal boost around 6lbs from what i can see it isnt settign me back in my seat like it did even stock.. question within question here... the aftermarket gauge is in vacum tree and reads higher then 6 says 11ishh.. but dont think its accurate due to vacum tree placement and stock guage saying 6 aswell as lack of pull..

The waste gate is new and working..vacum lines are routed properly i think...? a diagram be nice..

this is a 84 svo 5spd as noted above... just looking for some help possible the waste gate sent to me is incorrect.. not too sure i did try running vac line direct from waste gate to front of turbo as a test suggested already didnt change anything from what i saw presuming the set up is correct of the vacum lines.

Ideas guys
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Gottt boosssttt

Well turns out the waste gate rod had popped off.. all good now... 21lbs.. i have to get a controller now.
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