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What does a Ford Fusion have to do with the Mustang, other than being from Ford, that is? Well, it has a lot in common if you're talking about this car that was just featured on the Hoonigan Daily Transmission.

It's a 2016 Ford Fusion that's not exactly standard. Which is easy enough to spot when you look inside and see that it's completely stripped down and fitted with racing seats and a roll cage. But the real goodness doesn't show up until you look under the hood.

It's a 5.0L Coyote V8, and it's mounted longitudinally in this unassuming Fusion. The owner has transformed this into a rear-drive beast.

It starts with a Gen 2 Coyote that's been packed under the Fusion's hood with loads of special work to make it fit. So somewhere around 450 hp in a car that was originally designed for a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 as the biggest option. It's a manual-trans car thanks to the GT500 gearbox and it has plenty of chassis upgrades to go with it.

Even better, it works. Though it's absurdly loud thanks to a lack of mufflers. Watch the walkaround, then watch it do donuts. Just needs two smaller race seats in the back. And a good pair of ear defenders.


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