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Ford's new 7.3L gas V8 makes healthy amounts of power and torque from the factory, but healthy is never enough, right? Well, tuners are already butting the big iron lump, named Godzilla, into cars instead of pickups, and they're doing it with well over factory power levels.

How does 600 hp sound? Especially when it doesn't need a turbo or supercharger, instead just comes from some fairly simple mods like a new intake manifold and a new camshaft.

YouTuber Revan Evan went to Michigan's Team Z motorsports to take a look at Godzilla and then tear it down, rebuild it with the extra power, run it on the dyno and then cram it into a Fox Body Mustang. Because while 7.3L makes for a big motor, it's not all that much larger than the 351 Windsor that's been a Fox stalwart for decades. Heck, it's five inches narrower than a 5.0L Coyote, and just a hair taller and longer.

The series of videos is a great look inside the new 7.3L gas V8 and then explores a really fun place to put it.

We've linked Part 1 of the four-part series, but you'll probably want to watch through the whole series.


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