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Watch a 289 Come Apart and Become GT-350-Ready

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Redline Rebuild might be the best automotive series on the internet right now. Simple, entertaining, and cathartic, the series just takes engines apart and puts them back together better. This time they’re taking on Ford’s venerable 289 V8.

Taken from a totaled ’64 Fairlane, Hagerty’s team decided to have a bit of fun and try to turn it into an engine fit for a GT-350.

Three months of work and a slew of period-correct mods later, and the engine looks and sounds the part with everything you could hope for including Holman Moody valve covers, and an Edelbrock F4B intake, carb, and headers.

They figure the engine’s output is up to a healthy 310 hp, which is a considerable deal more than the stock 195.

And since this video is short, you can also enjoy the Redline Rebuild of the Flathead and move onto the Thunderbird’s automatic transmission from there.


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