Ken Block is back at it. Having despatched of the McLaren Senna, he’s now putting his Hoonicorn up against a Trophy Truck.

The truck normally races in the desert and it’s good. It has won the Baja 500 three times, the Mint 400 once, and a whole lot more. Making 950 HP to all four wheels, it’s serious business.

Naturally, though, it’s going up against a 1,400 AWD Mustang that is actually designed for the road.

Unlike the Hoonicorn, this F-150 Raptor is rolling on 40-inch wheels with 30-inches of suspension travel. That, along with the massive roll cage, the all-wheel-drive system, and the high-strength everything means that it weighs nearly 7,000 lbs.


And boy do you see how that weight transfers. The truck pops a wheelie off the line—which is a testament to its power, the softness of its suspension, and the weight hanging out of the back of this thing.

In the end, though, how could it compete with the Hoonicorn?