It's not his usual level of Hooptie, another broken four-figure high-power BMW or Mercedes, or an even more broken Rolls-Royce, but YouTuber Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage has just picked up a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, one he says is the cheapest in America.

That's because it's not exactly a genuine Shelby and it's certainly not a GT350. Instead, it's a replica and a restomod, packing supercharged 5.0 power instead of a hunk of Shelby Iron. But a restomod like this one, adding some of the best classic features along with some more modern updates, can be a great way to get yourself to almost the real thing but without the downsides like massive costs and fear of getting into even the tiniest fender bender.

So watch Hoovie show you the ins and outs of the cheapest faux-Shelby in the country and tell you why he thinks you should buy one too.