The Ford Taurus SHO was long one of the kings of the sleeper. A sedate four-door that offered up some impressively quick V6 (and later V8) power. Heck, you could even get it with a stick.

But by modern standards, the 220 hp from the Yamaha V6 just isn't going to cut it. At least not for the owner of this SHO. It has the stock V6, with a stock crank, rods, and block, but it's got a whole heaping load of boost. Enough to put down over 700 hp.

He gets it ready for the first pass on the new motor, but before that he has a proposal to make. No, seriously. The driver stops in the burnout box to propose to his now fiancée. Who he blames for his bad 11.55-second pass in classic racer fashion.

A few passes later he's into the 10's. In a Taurus. To find out just how far in, you'll have to watch the video.