As Ford vs. Ferrari approaches, the press tour begins. Naturally, Matt Damon took a 289 Cobra to visit Jay Leno and talk about the movie and reveal a few details.

As someone who knew Carroll Shelby, Leno is especially well placed to judge Damon's portrayal of the story's central character. And he's very complimentary, even asking if Damon had met Shelby because of the quality of the performance.

Of the driving, Leno is also complimentary. "Ford vs. Ferrari" doesn't indulge in the kind of over the top of car stunts that--appropriately--define the Fast and the Furious franchise. Instead, the action here is all in camera, with no CG, and the real life stakes of the racing of the time drive the action.

But beyond all the nerding out and the little tidbits, it's Jay Leno's barely contained excitement that really caught our attention. Admittedly, Leno is practiced at delivering uncritical interviews, he really, genuinely seems like a kid who just tasted ice cream for the first time. And although he was always going to be excited about the movie, that could have also meant that he was set up to be disappointed.