We’ve all seen the Hoonicorn, Hoonigan’s highly modified ’65 Mustang, tearing through the streets of London or up Pikes Peak, sideways, angering the locals. But how many of us have actually stopped to ask “How much of that is original?”

Not many, because we all know the answer, and the answer is “not much.” But what’s original? 

Hoonigan racing’s shop manager, Forest Duplessis, goes through the car’s long list of upgrades, but he starts with the original stuff, because that list is much shorter.

“The only original metal panels are the A and these C pillars and roof skin,” he says. Much of the doors, the taillights, and the door handles are also original. 

But that’s about it.

About everything else is made of carbon fiber and under the hood there’s 410 ci Rousch V8 with two Garrett turbochargers making 1,400 hp. That power is made with the help of methanol, which is why Ken Block doesn’t wear is usual open-face helmet when he drives the Hoonicorn anymore. Instead he wears a full-face drag helmet with a breather.

There’s so much more to go through, but why would you read about it when you could watch Hoonigan cover it themselves in their latest “Build Biology.”