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Despite having had it since Christmas, Ken Block has had to sit on his best present until recently, when he could test it in Moab.

The present was an F-150 Raptor built by SVC Offroad in California. The team wrapped it in a high-vis livery and added some fender flares to allows for a wider track width.

That along with the fifteen52 Turbomac HDs (designed to look like his other gymkhana cars’ wheels) hide some pretty beefy suspension mods. New control arms and some fancy dampers (that require less welding than you might expect) get the best of Raptor’s performance off-road.

Under the hood little has changed. Apart from a tune and a new aluminum intercooler, the Raptor is pretty much stock, but that’s hardly a problem when the V6 makes 450 hp from the factory.

And to make sure that all the mods have been installed correctly and have made a perfect Raptor, Block takes it all the way to Moab for a little off-roading.


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