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What happens when you take a race-ready Ford Performance V6 that makes 914 hp and then route that power through a six-speed box to all four wheels?

Big, nasty, all-wheel drive burnouts, that's what.

Ken Block's Hoonitruck gets that Le Mans-ready engine and a custom body that was originally a 1977 Ford F-150.

Now the Hoonigan team has released some video of the truck as it underwent, well, we'll call it testing. Though really it looks like they're just hooning it. Maybe that's where the name comes from.

Watch, listen, and enjoy as the half-bodied, in-progress truck does some really big all-wheel drive skids. And sounds like a sewing machine on speed.

It's all in advance of the truck's movie debut. Gymkhana 10 drops December 17th.


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