There’s a shot in this video that lasts a little longer than a minute, in which the Bronco moves about 1 car-length. That’s 0.1 mph. And yet, thanks to the improbability of the angle at which it’s moving and the size of the rocks over which it’s crawling, it still makes for exciting viewing.

That’s because in this video, released by “The Bronco Nation” (read: Ford), the Bronco is tackling some of the rockier trails in Moab. According to Bronco Nation, the SUV covered Poison Spider, Golden Spike, Golden Crack, and Gold Bar Rim trails outside of Moab, Utah.

In all, it spent 13 hours off-roading and it did speed up at points because in all it covered 33 miles. That amounts to an average speed of two and a half miles per hour.

Again, though, far from being a knock against the video, the low speed suggests just how tense and oftentimes impressive the Bronco’s ride was.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of dust, some dinged fenders, some scrapes on the undercarriage, we’d imagine. It’s all good stuff.