Vaughn Gittin Jr, he of slideways fame, was in Germany trying to shoot a video of his Mustang at one of the world’s most fearsome tracks when it decided to rain. So instead he took a Raptor that he happened to have on hand for a lap of the track.

Gittin was expecting to drift the Nurburgring in his Formula Drift Mustang but, somewhat counter-intuitively, says that drifting is boring in the rain (tire smoke sustains the drifter) so had to stop. With nothing else to do, he jumped into the F-150 Raptor that of course was just lying around.

The result is a somewhat less impressive, but maybe more entertaining video of the truck drifting around the green hell. There’s no official time stamp on the “hot lap” but we somehow doubt he beat the Porsche 911 GT2 RS’s sub-seven minute time.

You may remember the Mustang in question from Ford Performance’s last video, in which Gittin and Chelsea DeNofa celebrated the approach of the Formula Drift season with their pair of Mustangs RTR .

Powered by a Rousch Yates naturally aspirated V8, the cars make 900 glorious horsepower at an even more glorious 9,000 rpm.