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Craig Lieberman, the man responsible for some of the best (and worst) cars of the Fast and Furious series, has been doing a series of videos about the stories behind the film cars. How he sourced them, how they decided who would drive what vehicle, and sometimes even where the cars are now.

The latest starts one of the more unsung vehicles from the first film. The Racers Edge Ford Lightning, driven by Paul Walker in just a few scenes from the film. It was seen at the Toretto grocery store (remember the grocery store?), when Walker's character Brian was pulled over for an undercover meeting, and once when it suffered from a heinous parking job.

Lieberman says that originally the trucks, and there were four, were supposed to have a larger film role, but that changed before shooting started. Watch this video that shows the movie Lightnings, along with an NSX used in 2 Fast, and hear more about the story behind the trucks.


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