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On-board videos of hot laps are a mixed bag, but sometimes the combination of car and track is just right. If you’ve been waiting to see the GT500 in action, we suspect this one will feel just right.

Filmed by YouTube’s Speed Phenom, the video sees the Shelby at one of America’s great tracks. The host seems to be having a pretty good time exclaiming “the power!” and “this thing’s an animal!”

And to be fair, we’re pretty sure we’d be saying the same thing in the same circumstances. The engine note seems to have two modes: sounds delicious and blows the levels on the mic. 

The double-clutch gearbox, meanwhile, sounds like it delivers those lightning fast shifts it promised. And the engine revs high enough that even on the front-straight there’s no real need to get out of 4th gear. 

And, according to the driver, the brakes don’t fail to deliver, either. Color us extremely green with envy.


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