Hoonigan is leaning into the paid partnerships lately, but the latest video is pretty fun. The behind this video is the team at Hoonigan wanted to see what it would be like to run a drag race-inspired by Forza.

To that end, the team has united the Hoonicorn and the McLaren Senna. Popularly seen as one of the fastest production car money can buy, the Senna is no joke. But then, neither is the Hoonicorn.


As you can see, the specs lean in the Hoonicorn’s favor and, honestly, the McLaren is kind of being done dirty here. The Senna is meant to corner, not to drag race. The shape, designed almost entirely by the demands of the wind tunnel, is meant to create lateral grip.

The Hoonicorn, meanwhile, doesn’t even need to consider the wind requirements of the driver, since the meth-powered maniac forces Ken Block to wear a special breathing apparatus.

So, frankly, it’s a testament to McLaren’s engineering that the Senna is ever in the same shot as the Hoonicorn which bangs through the gears faster than a car from the Fast and the Furious.