There are more than a few cliches in the automotive world. Manuals are better! No replacement for displacement! And V8s sound best. Even though we've all heard them before, and even though they may not be true in 100% of cases, it’s still nice to be reminded why these stereotypes exist.

Case in point, Hagerty’s latest pair of videos, “Breakdown” and “Flat Out” on this Navy Blue 427 Shelby Cobra. Put your headphones in and turn up the volume, because this 648 hp V8, at low RPM, is more musical than Buddy Rich. And angrier, too.

Just listen to the marching beat and try not to move with it.

The car itself is not an original, but it is the next best thing: an aluminum-bodied continuation with Carroll Shelby’s signature on the dash. The driving drum beat comes from an all aluminum stroked 427 hooked up to a top loader 4-speed with manual brakes and steering.

This Cobra is not for the faint of heart, but weighing in at only about 2,300 lbs, I suppose you can make do without those conveniences and just a track day a workout.

Listen to the car roar at Willow Springs below, and hear the full story above.