It's been a year since Ford revealed the new Mustang Shelby GT500, and so we know how much power it makes, how quickly it accelerates, and we've even driven it. Heck, they're even on sale to the public. But Ford's been keeping one of the most important specs a secret. Until now.

So one of the first customers of the car wanted to fill us in on that information. And so YouTuber Speed Pheom took his GT500 to a place where normally only semi-trucks roam. A certified scale house.

With just a few gallons of gas and a car emptied out, a GT500 with the Performance Package weighs... 4,080 lbs. Which is actually a bit less than we had expected, though it's certainly no feather. Spend the best part of $20k on the carbon bits and you can trim that to likely under 4k.

Watch the video and get all the details from this owner who has already put nearly 3,000 miles on his new Shelby.