Why is it that the people who lived the best, who ate healthily, never smoked, and exercised plenty are outlasted by the people like Keith Richards.

This Mustang, brought to us by Hagerty's YouTube channel, is kind of like Keith. It’s been ridden hard and put away wet. And yet, here it is, at Willow Springs, running like it was meant to.

The car is a 1965 Shelby GT 350, number 258/562, that, according to its owner Steve Beck, did a little PR work for Shelby in the early days.

As Beck takes it around the track he tells the story of how it won his heart over a Boss 302 when he was looking for a car to get him to his first job, how he got that job thanks largely to driving it to that same job interview, and how he’s been to jail on two separate occasions as a result of driving it too quickly.

Still running well, Beck says he still likes to chase his friends through the canyons in it and will continue to do for years to come.

The one throughline through his automotive life, this car will follow him to the bitter end, as will its level of modification. Full in the knowledge that it would be worth more if he made it original, Beck doesn’t care because he’s not going to sell the car.

“This car—it’s worth more with the original engine in it and all of that and I have all the pieces to recreate that, but whoever gets this car after I’m not on this planet will have to worry about that,” he says.

And if you prefer to just let the Mustang do the talking, watch the video below: