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Hagerty’s been on a Mustang kick lately , and their latest video features a hardtop ’65.

The notchback’s never been the star of the Mustang family, but that’s kind of the point of this video. Owning a classic isn’t really about how desireable it is to the market, it’s about how desirable it is to you.

And with a 289 V8, dual exhausts, Honey Gold paint, and a lifetime of memories, this car looks, feels and sounds just way Kunz wants it to.

“The rumble, the sound, and the look of this car all kind of went together as my personal fantasy of a custom car,” says Kunz.

He learned to drive stick in this car, bought it from his uncle and keeps it on the road to this day. In the video, Kunz explains that the reason he drives it isn’t market value, it’s sentimental value.


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