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Weight Distribution

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If im not mistaken the 05 Gt is set up at a 52 front and 48 rear ...if this is right given the wieght of the gt auto at appx 3445 lbs get the 50/50 set up ..( for better handling in the upcoming winter months ) I will need to add 70lbs of wieght in the back...Am I doing this right? Thanks for the Help..:)
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I read somewhere that it was 53/47. No matter, That weight should help a little, I remember those days with my 86GT it was more front heavy, something like 57/43. In the snow it wasn't pretty but I got around, you have to go real easy on the gas, being a rear wheel drive dosen't help at all in the snow, :happyhapp that's why we have the allocation problems up here, the southern states are the ones who buy the most.
StangOwner2B said:
Yup, you sure are. I got 68.9. I'm thinking even more rear weight bias would help in winter driving. I would start by possibly trying to REMOVE weight from the front as opposed to adding weight. Adding weight just sounds wrong.:happyhapp
What should go first, the engine? :shocked:
You are only going to have to worry about the sand bags if you have a lot of snow, I don't think you are going to be cornering like your driving in the Indy 500 when there is snow on the ground anyway. Some states, like mine (Michigan) does not allow studded tires.
Kyle F said:
The coefficient doesnt change, just the mass of the car. So the Normal force increases, given the same coesfficient... traction increases.
Oh cheeze wiz, do we really need an engineering lesson? I drove a stang in the snow lots of times, it snows here in the winter, it's not great, added some sand, helped but still it's not great.
If you have a lot of snow, don't drive it in the snow or get a winter car.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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