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RULES. As I learned in the military- "you don`t have to like them, you just have to follow them" This is not a public site, it is privately owned & it is a privilege, not a right to belong here. This is also Not a free speech site. You cannot say anything you want,using whatever language you want about anyone, or any thing.

Thank you.

Again, belonging to our Forums is a privilege, not a right and Forum participants must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The following rules, guidelines and policies are displayed and agreed to at the time a person registers as a member of this site. It is important that all members read and abide to each of the following site rules:

Member Rules

  1. Member Profile Information is Required:
    As a member of AFM it is your responsibility to ensure your member profile contains valid and accurate information. In doing so, please obey to the following rules::

    Member Profile Information Rules and Guidelines Email Must contain your valid email address. Name Must contain either your full name or your first name only. If you have a nickname, post it as your known nickname within your member profile. Please include: Country where you reside, State or Province where you reside, Location City, Town or Region within the State or Province specified. Profile Picture - Post a picture of yourself here or a picture of you and your ride. Avatar - Select or upload an Avatar of your choosing or one will be selected for you. Signature - Absolutely NO Images or URL links permitted. If you have a homepage, post the URL as your homepage within your member profile.
    --> Limited to NO MORE THAN 3 inches in height.
    --> Limited to NO MORE THAN 8 lines.
    --> NO Images or URL links permitted.
    Members who fails to adhere to these rules will be subject to the immediate cancellation of their site membership. Our staff reserves the right to modify or ask you to modify your member profile information for any reason without notification.
  2. Ambiguous Thread Titles:
    Do NOT post a new thread with an ambiguous, irrelevant or incomplete thread title. When creating a new thread, take the time to provide a descriptive and well worded thread title, indicative of the content within your post. Posts containing thread titles that are ambiguous, unclear or fail to accurately reflect thread content, may be modified or deleted without notice.

    Consider starting your thread with the thread subject followed by your question and/or concern. Use the year, make and model as appropriate and avoid using all caps or repetitive characters such as ..., ???, !!!.

    Ambiguous Thread TitlesValid Descriptive Thread Titles - '64 coupe brake pedal removal???1964 Mustang Brake Pedal Removal?transmission swap2004 Mustang Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap. Worth it or just do gears?help me please im desperate!!!1987 Mustang Turbo Swap Issues. Please Help I'm Desperate!idle just raises to 2 grand1991 Mustang GT Idle Surges to 2 grand
  3. Disrespectful Comments:
    Members MUST at all times, be respectful to other members of our community. Flaming is NOT permitted in any of our forums. Slander, bashing, flaming, name calling or harassment of any kind, will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. Any posts not in compliance with this rule will be promptly deleted or edited to remove offensive content.
  4. Offensive Content:
    Offensive content is NOT permitted under any circumstances. Obscene, harmful, threatening, abusive, unlawful, defamatory or otherwise objectionable material of any kind will NOT be tolerated. This includes but not limited to, violent material, profane language, pornography, adult, sexual or mature material, or anything that might exploit minors. Any content not in compliance with this rule will be promptly deleted or edited to remove offensive content.
  5. Trolling:
    Do NOT submit any threads or posts designed with the sole purpose to invoke a conflict. This is considered a serious offense and a NO tolerance policy is in effect!
  6. Spamming:
    Spam posts will not be tolerated in any of our forums. If you choose to post messages containing spam, your post will be immediately deleted and your account will be suspended or banned. This is considered a serious offense and a NO tolerance policy is in effect!
  7. Insubordination:
    Any forum of slander, harassment or disrespectful behavior of any kind towards AFM Staff, will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. This includes the posting of issued warnings and subsequent communications between a member and staff. Any member who violates this rule will be subject to the immediate cancellation of their site membership. This is considered a serious offense and a NO tolerance policy is in effect!
  8. Off Topic Posting: Do NOT Hijack Threads. When posting, KEEP to the topic of the thread. Posts containing inappropriate topic conversation that stray too far from the thread topic will be closed or deleted.
  9. Double Posting:
    Do NOT Post Flood the forums. Post your message to the MOST appropriate forum. Cross posting is a waste of time and valuable resources. USE the edit button to change or add to your recent post. If you post the same message in multiple forums, your post will be deleted.
  10. Frivolous Posts:
    Do NOT submit Frivolous Posts containing only smilies, one or two word posts, or posting a reply when one is not required. If you wish to thank people for something they've posted, include other comments with your post or send them a pm.
  11. Shouting:
    Avoid using All Capitalized Text in thread titles, posts or member profiles. This is considered rude and is recognized on the internet as a form of shouting.
  12. Photos and Graphics:
    Do NOT display full size photos or graphics directly within your posts. Use the "Attach File:" option to include a thumbnail link to pictures and graphics within your post. This is in consideration for those members with low-bandwidth access. You can also upload photos and images directly to your member gallery. Photos considered as offensive content including pornography, adult, mature or of a violent nature are not permitted under any circumstances.
  13. Classified Ads:
    Classified Ads are NOT permitted within our forums. Post your personal ads for items for sale or wanted to buy to our Free Classifieds section. ANY and ALL Classified ads within our forums will be promptly deleted without notice.
  14. Unauthorized Advertising:
    Do NOT include Advertisements or Promote 3rd party websites or services within your post or signature. This includes links for the purpose of promoting and/or driving traffic to another website. We will promptly delete any of these posts. A no tolerance policy is in effect.
  15. Copyright Infringement:
    Do NOT copy portions of text from other websites or alternate sources without prior authorization. Doing so is an infringement of copyright laws and could result in this site being closed down.
Trolls and Spammers Beware
AFM has a "Zero Tolerance" policy for trolls and spammers! If you come here as a troll or spammer , and post as such, your account will be terminated, and you will be banned. No second chances!

Multiple Accounts Prohibited
Registering on this forum with more than one user name is prohibited. If we find that you have multiple user names registered, all accounts will be removed with the exception of your original account. If you do it again, your account will be removed, and you will be banned. Accounts not activated within 7 days of registering will be subject to deletion without notice. If you have a problem accessing your account, contact support.

Site Guidelines
AFM is a free site. The people that work behind the scenes to bring you what you see are all Mustang enthusiasts, as well as volunteers. The time and effort to run and manage these forums is considerable. If you have suggestions or comments about the site, please present them in a constructive manner.

Comments which are derogatory in nature will not be tolerated. If you have a question, suggestion, comment or request, please post in the "Site Support" forum. If you would like to discuss it privately, please use the private message system to contact the site admin, or any of the moderators.

Before posting, please USE the search feature to check to see whether a thread on your topic has already been posted. Multiple threads on the same topic will be deleted, closed or merged.

We are all car enthusiasts, specifically Mustang enthusiasts! Respect other opinions, even though you may not agree. Everyone is entitled to their say, but please do so in a courteous manner. It's easy to flame someone if you disagree, but remember, that type of behavior is strictly prohibited. We come from different locations, we are a mix of ages, and our backgrounds vary. Take that into consideration before you click the post button. A moment of thought is better than hours of grief. The general rule of thumb is treat others as you would like to be treated.

Site Policy - The Final Word
AFM reserves the right to make changes to these rules and guidelines at any time. If you feel for whatever reason you are unable to follow these simple rules, we respectfully request you move on to greener pastures.

We reserve the right to remove or edit any post for any reason, including those listed above. We will remove or edit posts in question and give you one warning not to repeat the offense. Repeated offenses could lead up to and include a temporary suspension or permanent ban from our forums.

Please do your part to help keep our forums clean, friendly, informative and a cut above the rest. These rules are in place to help create a better community for you, so please Enjoy, Participate and have FUN !


Site Administration
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