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Well, Finally hit a snag in the SC installation...

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Service Bulletin 06-15-02...later replaced by TSB 08-1-9. I'm somewhat grateful I never saw this on the forums yet... but its just something to be aware of. I guess it affected the '04 - '05 3V head motors and was later corrected.

Dad was pulling the plugs out and number 3 on the passenger side broke the electrode off in the head. I attached some pictures that he sent... but I'm kind of concerned as to pulling it back out.

I ordered the correct tool used to pull it out found here: Rotunda 303-1203 Broken Separated Spark Plug Removal Tool Specialty Tools, Hood Props and Pedal Depressors

Rotunda 303-1203 is what you need if anyone else experiences this same problem....

I should do a more formal write up for a sticky later... but I guess this is an uncommon problem on our cars. I know the sparkplug blowing out the cylinder is probably more common...

Oh well, check out the photos I attached and lets hope for the best!


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it just happened to me on my 04 f-150, 5 out of 8 broke off, i took it to the dealer and let them use the tool, definately use anti-sieze
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