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Well, Finally hit a snag in the SC installation...

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Service Bulletin 06-15-02...later replaced by TSB 08-1-9. I'm somewhat grateful I never saw this on the forums yet... but its just something to be aware of. I guess it affected the '04 - '05 3V head motors and was later corrected.

Dad was pulling the plugs out and number 3 on the passenger side broke the electrode off in the head. I attached some pictures that he sent... but I'm kind of concerned as to pulling it back out.

I ordered the correct tool used to pull it out found here: Rotunda 303-1203 Broken Separated Spark Plug Removal Tool Specialty Tools, Hood Props and Pedal Depressors

Rotunda 303-1203 is what you need if anyone else experiences this same problem....

I should do a more formal write up for a sticky later... but I guess this is an uncommon problem on our cars. I know the sparkplug blowing out the cylinder is probably more common...

Oh well, check out the photos I attached and lets hope for the best!


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Well, The old man said that was the only one that broke so far, but he's got two more to pull.

Other then that, he's had fun installing the Saleen Blower... I'm just saddened I can't be there... but greatful to have a father thats willing to take on a task.

Hey, it happened to me when I was two years old and I went for a ride in the Corvair-motor powered Dune Buggy ;)
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