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Well . . . my "upgrade" list just got longer . ..

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Well . . . I burned up the King Cobra clutch after a few thousand miles . . .
I finished it off after I put these giant tires on the back of the car . . lol

So . . . when the car goes in next week for the blower its also getting a new clutch and 3.73s. So, here's the upgrade list for the month:

Vortech V1 sq w/30 lb injectors and 255lph fuel pump
Custom reflashable chip
Tune and dyno
Heavy duty clutch w/billet flywheel
3.73 gears
305/45/R18 NITTO drag radials on the rear
255/45/R18 NITTO Extremes on the front


Now . . .about those mini tubs so I can lower this thing . . . :grinroll:

BTW, if anyone wants pics with the giant cartoon tires, I can send email em.
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Guess I might as well do the headers and exhaust while they have it torn down . . lol
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