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What are 4B14 heads from and what the specs

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An engine I bought has a set of Rebuilt 4B14 heads on it. If anyone knows anything about them like what vehicle they are from and the specs on them that would be great thanks!
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Need more information, head numbers usually start with a letter C, D, or E. Maybe someone will know from the numbers you gave.
4B14 is a date code.

4 = 19x4
B = February
14 = 14th day of the month
I just saw those at a glance, where are the i.d. numbers located?
If they are still on the block you will have to remove them to find out. The engineering number is on the bottom side of the intake port.
With the engine being complete, right now their are no useful number visable?
Won't be able to tell what they're from then. As long as the engine is in good running condition, that's what matters.
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