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what are the best short tubes for hot rod cams

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I am looking for best short tubes for hot rod cams.
I have long tubes cats delete, it sounds great but smells bad in my garage. I need good hot rod sound with cats.
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If all you are concerned about is the smell you might want to try some Magnaflow spun metallic cats mounted as close to the headers as you can get them. When I had my 85 it used to stink up my garage terribly and the scent would come in the house if I closed the garage door with it in there still warm. I put a pair of the Magnaflow cats right before the crossover on the off-road H pipe (not optimal placement but the only place they would fit) and it cut the smell by probably 75 percent and didn't change the performance or sound at all.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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