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What are these classifications?

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Pardon my ignorance. I have been curious to know what makes a member of this forum a Rookie, Apprentice, Made Member?....
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J&D said:
No one wants to go through the ceremony!! I heard you cannot sit down for a week!!:kooky:

On second thought, maybe I'll cross that line after all!!
No man! That's in Mississippi! Or W. Virginia....:happyhapp
HazMatLadder26 said:
I think alot of these guys are Italian, such as myself. I like the rating system.

Sciacchitano - It sounds the same as its spelled.
So does Poop..... It sounds like it's spelled, but easier to pronounce....:dunce:

I'm a New Orleans area native, we have lots of Italians there, and yes some are the stereo-typical "Goodfellas" types. There are wonderful families like the Gambino's, Carollo's, and so on. Not that any Gambinos or Carollos are "Goodfellas" types... Those are just the last names of a couple of people I know.... And they're squeaky clean, really!

Ok, moving on....

I like the "Made Member" status, I feel like all my time here actually means something now!
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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