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What benefit if any?????

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With shorty headers, offroad H, BBK Fenderwell CAI and underdrive pulleys as my only mods so far is there anything to gain by installing 1.7 or 1.6 roller rockers before I do my H/I/C combo. HIC combo will be GT40P's and ported Explorer intake, cam as yet undecided. I'm going this route because my BFF gave them to me minus a cam.
Thanks in advance for your valued input.
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not really any gain on the stock heads cam and intake. i would wait and put it on later.
the stock ratio is 1.6 however the stock rockers do not have roller tips. it would improve your valve train by making for a more smooth opening of the valves but i doubt you'd see any noticable power increase. the 1.7 rollers would open the valves a little more than stock and you might notice a small increase there

if you are planning on doing a cam i'd wait on the rockers and get the ratio that would match your combo. you dont want to run into any piston to valve clearance issues or coil bind issues by using the 1.7s if its going to be much lift with the cam you install.
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the performance gain would be minimal at best....

not worth the labor invoved with the swap.....

my recommendation would be wait until you do the H/C/I intake swap.....
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