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what cams should i go with on a budget?

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i am wanting aftermarket cams for my car, but its hard to save up enough and buy them, the cheapest ones ive seen are like $589, are there any cheaper good ones out there? I was thinkin stage 2 cams would be nice but starting to look like I can hang it up because I cant afford it right now, although I think I remember being on summitracing and it was possible to buy one cam at a time, but they were still 300$ each, but does anybody got any help or recommendations, by the way its a 2003 GT, 4.6 2V with stock internals and stock PI heads
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They're all about $600/set, plus springs and retainers (another $200 or so), plus you'll need a tune, plus since you'll have it all apart anyway it's a good idea to replace the timing chain guides and tensioners.

You might be able to find somebody's used crap on Ebay or something, but other than that you can plan on spending the better part of $1K to do the job right.
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Exactly^^It was not cheap when i done mine.
well dang looks like itll be a while.. haha thanks though.
If you are on a budget you could go Stage 1 which would not require springs/retainers. Changing the guides and tensioners are a good idea but not required depending on condition/mileage...some tuners do tune for Stage 1 cams of you already have an SCT tuner. I would advise a Dyno Tune but again not absolutely essential...just good for thought.
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