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What Cars Have You Whipped? mustang victim list

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Lets Get A Victim List


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nghtrnnr, with that license plate, how do you not get pulled over all the time?

I got a Subaru STI... claims he had his boost turned down to 5psi for turbo break in. But yet he has a Fart can exhaust and a Blow off Valve.

5pis wouldnt make a piercing blow off, and you would be challenging a new GT i fytou were detunned.
Night Runner try Member Kill Stories...

I've had a couple of GOATS, M3s (early and late 2000 model), Porsche Boxter and Carrera, Mach Stang, Impala, and the usual trucks and Civics, etc... oh a Jetta too... lol

I have not lost yet... knock knock! But I guess thats evidence I race anybody and maybe I look like a sucker...??
I have beaten a RX-7

Then there is this Civic and Acura that keep trying to cut me off on my way home from work. (I call them the fart brothers).:tongue
Two of them, Both pickups. A Dodge Ram super bee and a chevy S10.

Why these iceholes thought I was good fodder I have no idea
heh heh...i wear my seatbelt and signal all the time...and if i do blow past a cop its usually at 135mph....they usually pull over the easy ones...
SSR's, Other pre 05 GT's, Firebird, Eclipses, About a dozen civics, SRT4, WRX, blown OZ lancer, Integra, M roadster, couple J-bodies, BMW 3 series sedan, v6 05 mustang.

Then a couple of people that must have had problems with me being in front of them and ended up in "you can't pass me" show offs. Aurora, Ram 1500, Silverado, A freaking villager mini van, Neon or two, Delta 88. And yes I can pass you fool!

Lost to a couple SS's and a very nice talon.
Mind you I don't find people to race, but if you want to step up and make an A** out of yourself, I'll be more than happy to oblige you!
I've had a few Cameros, Firebirds, one of those new crossfires (those are slower than I thought they would be!), a Dodge Stratus (yes, a Dogde Stratus..when we got to the next light I waited for him and said, "I drive a Dodge Stratus, you will not talk to me that way" If you've seen the SNL skit it'll make sense), and my favorite was a 2000ish Corvette (he thought he was Hot S*** and just kept reving that damn thing, so I gave him one good rev and the light turned was so fun to see the look on his face at the next intersection.:happyhapp These cars are too much fun!!!
I beat an Infinity G35. He was also in the "you can't pass me" mode. But he did give me the thumbs up at the next light. FYI - I have no mods as of yet!:eyepoppin

2005 GT Premium
Torch Red/ IUP Dark Charcoal
Street racing is a no-no!

Hey guys, you may want to refer to the Street Racing post made on 10/10.
In my Windveil Blue GT I have whipped several Civics (fartcanners!), Camaros, Covettes, Trucks, Some dumb soccer mom in a mini van, anyone in a 2000 to 2004 Mustang and a guy in a V6 '05 that he thinks is hot stuff...guess I showed him!!!!!

It really gets me how many ppl try and mess with you in this's like they have something to prove, but out of all the ppl that I have whipped this is my favorite....

Coming home from work and this guy in a 2000-2004 body style stang GT pulls up beside me at the light, he starts revving the engine and acting like a fool. When the light turned I didn't try to race him, I just went, but when I looked back he was still sitting at the light! Guess he missed a shift!!!

God I love my CAR!!!!
funniest was a sunday racing ******* in his el camino. Blew him away. Looking for a 350Z. Anyone had one yet?
lexus gs
2004 mustang gt
acura tl
highway police cruiser(late at night on lonely road after HE challenged me)
lots and lots of ricers that dont deserve to have their civics and integras mentioned
350Z (not enough guts in those things)
Trans Am (come to think of it not enough guts there either)

A few others I didn't even know I was racing.
Hemi dodge ram trucks, SRT-10, Impala SS, 2001 mustang GT(twice), Tacoma v-8, various civics etc.:)

I had a surprizingly hard time with a 94ish honda accord and a 99ish Trans AM.:rolleyes:
Couple SSR's (new and old engine)
3 series BMW.
Z3 roadster
Several eclipses
Couple other pre s197 mustangs.
Engine swapped 240, CRX, Civic.

Pretty much even with
M roadster
04 GT with bolt ons

Totally got spanked by
69 Challenger (tubbed and blown, owned by a buddy, very sick car)
Turbo'd LX
Garrett swapped VR-4
The last one I raced was a Lotus Elise. Lucky for me it was from a rolling start. I stomped him but from a stop I think he would have got me.

Had a little encounter with a Lightning SVT yesterday but we had no room to play. That might have been a battle.

Vandil said:
69 Challenger (tubbed and blown, owned by a buddy, very sick car)
Maybe a 1970 Challenger? There wasn't a 1969 Challenger.
98 Corvette C5
03/04 BMW M3
Too many 350Z's to count

Tied dead on with 2000 Camaro SS (from 60mph to 140 mph dead even) was kind of funny.

Beaten by

2005 BMW M5 (at higher speeds)
When you guys race, what kind of speeds are we talking about and how far? Guess I'm gettin' old but seems like that's kind of dangerous to be doing out on a public street or highway. I don't think I would race anyone because I don't have the balls to go fast enough or far enough. Fear of dying or killing someone else or going to jail keeps me from doing it.
You're right Bog. Good thing he's not around he'd probably pop me in the arm for miss yearing his baby. :sterb:
Boglin said:
Maybe a 1970 Challenger? There wasn't a 1969 Challenger.
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