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I'm looking at buying a Foxbody Mustang roller shell for a 408w I have built up. Buddy selling the car doesn't know much about it besides that it ran an 11.22 with a built 331 that was in the car. He's asking 3500 and I want to ask you guys if you think it's a good deal or not. Comes with that I can see.

6 point cage
Aeromotive A 1000 pump and braided stainless lines going all the way to the front.
No rad,
Tubular cross member in the front
Had a manual rack in it,
Weld Drag lights
Aluminum driveshaft with Loop
Fiberglass cowl hood (which I'd have to buy)
Some coilovers on it (have pictures)
There's a ton of rear end stuff but again buddy didn't know what all was done.

A clean GT shell here in Alberta is worth about 1000-1500 anyways, so is this 2000 bucks worth of stuff worth it? The shell is very clean. Pics:

And the motor going in it.. hehehe.

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