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what do you think of my 2.3 stang?

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Im lookin into modifying it alot more. I havent decided if i wanna go turbo or try the 5.0 swap.


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That a very nice looking stang you have..

I would do a turbo... But i have a 5.0 block and going to do the swap...
Drop it, Chop it, Shave the handles, do the turbocharged 2.3L motor. with gas prices today... it better to go with less cylinders.

2.3L Turbo motor isnt much better than 5.0L on gas but my buddy notices the diff between my XR4Ti and his mustang and my XR4Ti is 600lbs heavier than a 4 Banger Stang.

the turbo motor is more fun, it is a direct bolt up to everything under your hood, just remember that you gotta take the ECU and wiring harness from your donor 2.3T Car to put in your mustang.
fxbody5.0 said:
Im lookin into modifying it alot more. I havent decided if i wanna go turbo or try the 5.0 swap.
Looks good! If you do the engine swap, get the SLP loudmouths!
I like the color but the wheels dont look good a stang. Turbo 2.3 is the best way to go! IMO
looks great, but the wheels have got to go. mine is in the body shop i'll post pics soon
Turbo'd 2.3! Cheaper to build and cheaper on gas (if you stay out of boost - good luck!) Not to mention the satisfaction you'll get when you blow off a 5.0 and then they ask you what's under the hood!:worship

looks tight nice car I like the wheels but drop chop it and shave the handles was a good suggestion also i would agree with the turbo engine aswell good luck with that post pics when Ur done all ur mods peace:dunce:
for god's sake, get rid of those rims, they look hedious. some stock ponies make the fox bodies look 100x better. they are a great upgrade. or if you want to be different, find some 93 cobra R rims.
Nice work, but don't you think a muscular set of rims with a slightly smaller demension would look better? Say 16in or 17in" Bullit rims for example. The rims don't match the car man, but the car looks good none the less :thumbsup

yea those wheels and rims don't look mean enough to be stang wheels and rims LOL but yea car looks good besides that think u should swap with a 5.0L done up that would be fun!
love the car hate the rims there just not musclecar, do the turbo its what i did and ive done smoked 2 5.0's in the last week
That Hatch is ultra-clean in the silver, but I'd ditch the bling for a cleaner looking wheel myself, maybe 10th anniversary SVT Cobras in charcoal after a five-lug conversion?
Save for a couple years and drop in a 427. When you get home today, take off the wheels.
those rims are ooooooooogly! Nice car though. Drop in a 5.0.
Eeewww.. Ricey Rims, but other than that, your Mustang looks NICE.


If you want a 5.0 really bad, just buy another one...
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