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what do you think of this audio system?

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the car has been sitting for 4 years un-garaged. im just working out the bugs and cleaning her up again. the box has some stress damage from the sun, but i think i can fix it.
total power @4ohms 293 watts competition
total power output 2800 watts (clean)
18 speakers : 4- 15" JL15w6, 6 MB quart 6 1/2 seaperates, 2 mtx 6" subs(front doors),4 MB quart 1" soft dome tweeters, 2 3-1/2titanium bullet tweeters.
sony head unit with cd and all contol
sound stream 10.2 running the 4-15.,ads running the front mids and highs., kenwood running the rear mids and highs., hifonics vulcan running the subs in the front doors.
active crossover(all channels)digital sound processor,tv receiver module, 15farad cap, 2 10 disc cd changers.5" lcd screen up front
second alternator with optima batt. in the rear.
all power seperate from the vechiles power.


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a few more pics


Thats pretty sick man thats a awesome set up you got and the paint job is insane VERY VERY NICE!!!!
thanks 1970, cant wait to make it my daily driver again.
Did you want fries with that?:eyepoppin That is going to be one sick system.... I like what you've done with it. The Mustang is awesome!!!!!!
BTW, hope you have plenty of Advil with that sub behind your head.....LOL
I would think you need more watts pushing those subs for competition, but it's a very nice, clean setup. Much nicer than the fur ball of wires in my truck!
the amp the subs is a sound stream 50 watt competition amp.4-15" subs ran @ 1/2 an ohm will pull over 1000 watts from that little 50 watt amp. its all in how you wire it.
Very true, its all in the wiring! 1/2 an ohm, thats awesome! I ran my 2 10"s at 2 ohms until the amp shutoff, then I went back to 4. I need a need amp for sure, but I like my subs, Power Acoustik FUBR's.
*Cough Cough* JL Audio *Cough Cough*
Amen brother!!:rockwoot: :rockon: :cheers :punk: :goldcup: :taz: :drink: :evilchuck
lcurle said:
*Cough Cough* JL Audio *Cough Cough*
they make a great sub. and dont forget mb quart for sound quality
Amazing system!!!!!!!!! Totally Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock On!!!!!!!!
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