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What does this thing do (picture inside)? #2

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Ok, this is my second unknown electrical plug. I am asking about the white electrical connnection in the middle of the picture. This is from a 1991 LX convertible, inside the cover where the driver's side rear window motor is. It is plugged in, one side running from under the carpet, the other going under the rear seat. It is was just below the window motor (which I was replacing when I found this it). It doesn't plug into the window motor or switch, or the speaker. I don't believe it is part of the convertible top motor electrical, but it might be. Any advice is appreciated.

Oh, and yes I know the inner well is disgusting. Had a leaking convertible top cylinder....all fixed now, and I am cleaning things up.



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something not working or somethin?

or you just curious?
Everything in that area seems to be working. Just wanted to know what it is so when something does stop working I'll know where to look. Any help is appreciated.
Could be for an option that your car just didn't have. A lot of times the wiring harness is a "one size fits all" kind of deal so they just have to make one harness. If you get a car that doesn't have an option, say, power windows, well, that plug is just left in place but not hooked to anything. I've got a bunch of unhooked plugs in my car, don't know if they were ever hooked up or not but they don't seem to affect the way the car runs so I'm not too worried about it.
I would agree with that, it could be something your car didn't have checked on the option list. If everything is working, I wouldn't worry about it. Something stops working, now you know one place to check.
Thanks, Guys. With my car, something stops working every time I fix something else. :so
It is probably to a rear window heater option
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