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What does your username mean?

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What does your username mean?

Some are fairly obvious, and some are pretty obscure.

Mine is one of the obvious ones. GeoStang = George's Mustang.

Let us all know what yours means!
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5Twenty = how tall I am. 5' 20". Get it?

For those math challenged; 6' 8"
Hei Ma = Mandarin Chinese for "Black Horse"
I picked hogpowr for a personal plate back in 1992, when the Razorbacks had a divison 1 basketball program,:rolleyes:...........:handball:
after my other stang....nghtrnnr...night runner...named for my street racing ways...the new stang is strtracr....named for street racer ways


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Well Im retired Navy, and when I was in the Navy I worked on the flight deck of aircraft carriers and fueled aircraft, The color of the shirt you wear lets everyone else know what your job was. Well we wore purple, and everyone called us grapes. So that is where my name comes from. GRAPENO1 (Grape number 1)

:thumbsup favorite band from the seventies.They're still together after all these years. On their album covers they use a running horse.
POCO said: favorite band from the seventies.They're still together after all these years. On their album covers they use a running horse.
The late, great Phil Hartman of Saturday Night Live fame did that running horse artwork. Take a look.

He also did album art for Crosby, Stills and Nash, Steely Dan, America and others.
Mine's not so inventive....fordgrl99 - my truck personal plates are 'fordgrl' (ford girl) and the year of my F150 (1999)....:dunce:
Mine is one of the obscure one's :) Mine Stands for Norwegian Forest Cat

Here is a picture
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mines kinda simple, mustang well of course.. and Baxter was the name of my wife and I's First born.. (R.I.P. 01-01-91 - 04-17-01 )
Green1340- Last name is Greenhaw. 1340 is how many c.c.'s my Harley has!
HTRN ( High Tech Red Neck ) -- Been working with Computers Since 1965 or back when 512K memory filled a room
SS ( Satin Silver ) -- The Color of the Ride.
mine came about 14yrs ago. im a painter and the company i worked for was using a line of paint that had different names . two of which were OPAL WHITE and ATTRIUM WHITE. my friends and i had always talked of forming a band and were trying to find cool and funny names for it. we looked at some of the materials and i saw vynle. i liked it. they took the other two names. so the name we came up with for the band was VYNLE JOHNSON and THE WHITE BROTHERS. by the way i hav a bluesy voice.
Has anybody ever scene the movie "The Outsiders", it was movie with lots of now Hollywood celebrities. The entire movie was the Greaser vs. the Socia's (rich vs poor). In the movie "Pony Boy" & I can't remeber the other characters name get in to a very short discussion about cars. The quote goes like this. Charachter one " Mustangs are tuff" Charachter two response. "Tuff enough I guess".

To make a long story short, most of my friends drive or would prefer to drive BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's, (you get the idea). So one friend in particular loves that quote and always says to me " Mustangs are tuff". especially now that I am on my second Mustang.
Son has a 65, I have an 05-our cars range from 65 2(to) 05. I love seeing these two cars side by side!
Glad we have a "Lounge" section now. I got ripped a new one by some members a few months ago for asking this same question.
My home state is Indiana and my last name is Jones.
Yes, there's never a reason to rip or flame. Never.
I'm a skilled tradesman in the research & engineering center.
I always assumed mine was obvious. I live in Minnesota and my mustang is by Roush.
No need for explanation really :winks
Just the spelling because the proper spelling seemed to be taken in some places I would visit.

But really my friends would say are you stoned or something? When I would do something stoopid.
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