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Ford made massive waves when they revealed one of the lost original Bullitt Mustangs alongside the 50th-anniversary model earlier this year. But what ever happened to the other Bullitt? The one that was actually lost and not hidden in storage all that time.

The second one was the stunt car, so it left the production in rougher shape than the hero car that was revealed. It was presumed scrapped until it showed up in 2017, rusting away in Mexico. But nobody knew which car it was, just that it was a Mustang Fastback. So it went off to be restored, along with an unrelated car, to be turned into an Eleanor.

Fortunately, somebody looked into the history of the car. The restoration shop got a report that, along with some research, showed that the car was actually the missing stunt Bullitt Mustang.

So for a car that was gone for 1.5 million seconds, it has been found, and it's being restored as the classic movie car that it was. And not the modern movie car that it wasn't.

The car was originally scrapped after the movie, beyond repair for California. But it could be fixed well enough to drive in Mexico, and that's where it went. A few color changes later, and a whole lot of rust, and it ended up sitting in a back yard in Los Cabos.

Now, co-owned by Hugo Sanchez, who found it, and Ralph Garcia, the restorer, the car will be returned to its former glory.

[source: Auto Classics ]
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