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What exhaust do I choose for my 2006 Mustang V6?

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So after thinking for months and comparing and talking with some techs and stuff I can't decide what system to go for. I am thinking I will go with a single axleback since based on a cost-benefit scenario it seems to be best. Now I am trying to decide on a couple of options.
1) single GT takeoff
2) single flowmaster american thunder
3) straight pipe
4) ford racing single borla

I want loud but I also want that V8 muscle car sound. I love the sound inside the GTs of the exhaust. Currently I am leaning towards straight pipe cause I some people on this forum have recently shown it some love! However I am also very lenient.

My last question is do you know anyone who has the ford racing dual kit and is it worth the higher price?

Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to AFM!

Tough choices... I have the FRPP Stingers. Very good mufflers but they aren't cheap! In any event, I think you're going to have a difficult time duplicating a V8 sound with a single muffler.
The GT take-off will sound good for awhile, but eventually you'll want something deeper.

Straight pipes will sound the same as having no muffler, which sounds cool but can be kind of overbearing due to its volume level. I dont recommend it if you leave the house before 6AM to go to work/school/whatever.

The flowmaster has a nice deep sound, with a throaty balls to it. Idle sounds good as well as acceleration and cruise, all throaty and deep. Its loud but not balls out loud like not having a muffler is.

I cant say for the borla but they're a good company and likely make a nice sounding pipe. Look for exhaust clips here on the forums or on youtube to get a better idea of what you like.

You're not going to be able to replicate the v8 sound unless you get cams and duals with an H pipe. :scratchchin
i have a single flowmaster and it sounds way good i get alot of compliments. the gt take offs don't even sound good on the gt so they sound way worse on a v6
The GT take-off actually sounds pretty decent on a v6. I used to have one but wanted something deeper sounding.

I've got to stick with the Flowmaster on this one too though. :bigthumbsup
So I went down to the exhaust shop and talked to them and I decided I would try the straight pipe then if it was too loud or I didn't like it I would switch to the flowmaster. When I backed that thing out of the hoist I knew I made the right decision! Damn this thing is loud and it sounds good on start-up. The drone can be irritating in regular operating limits but start-up rules and wide-open throttle is vicious! Plus I got to slap on a tip of my choice. Although my gf complains its too loud, but hey she can be replaced ; )
I was gonna suggest the A/T flowmaster but it looks like you already made the decision! Glad you found the right setup for you though.
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