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What head gasket can i use?? needs to order it 12 hours,, helpp

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Hey guys doing the windstar intake and split port swap on my 94 mustang, cann i use those mls gaskets that windstar has, or use the stock mustang head gasket? Can i order a mustang mls gasket for 94 mustangs? Or would i have to order a windstar one and still be the sameee thing? Please i need a serious reply dont want this to blow again :(
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hold on you are not making sense in your post.

head gaskets mate the heads to the block, the windstar gaskets mate the plastic manifold to the lower manifold.

which are you even talking about?????

if your talking about the rubber figure 8s under the plastic manifold, you have to use those, the mustang intake gasket wont work.

please clarify!

If your talking about putting the split port heads on your motor, i believe you need to use the mustang gaskets. mustang heads, either lower(windstar or mustang, but not the 94-98), windstar EGR bracket, and the windstar upper manifold gaskets.

still please clarify and use slower more descriptive wording, theres like 3-4 things you could be doing.
I appreciate your answer but it makes perfect sense to me lol maybe just need to break it down a bit. Im doing the split port AND intake swap, all windstar from heads to upper intake. Therefor i still have my 94 mustang block. So my question was do i use the 94-98 head gaskets for a mustang, or do i use the MLS gasket that i seen when taking the heads off the windstar engine. What may have confused you is when i asked if there is a MLS gasket (what i would call aftermarket because the original ones are junky) made for 94-98 mustang motors. .. And then obviously from the heads up will be all windstar gaskets a seals because everything"mustang" is being replaced .. Now you mentioned mustang head gasket, mustang heads, ect... i have a windstar head but i will still use a mustang block gasket correct?
i think windstar and mustang headgaskets are the same, could be wrong, but not 94-98 gaskets which i believe are for singleport heads.
Now youve gone and conffused me all togther, are you saying do not buy 94-98 mustang gasket because i am using SPLIT PORT HEADS? Please clarify

And has anyone out there actually done this swap that can be a little more reassuring?
I have yet to hear anyone on these boards use Windstar heads and lower intake as I am pretty sure they are not the same as Mustang heads. You are going to get alot of conflicting information here as there are very few people here that have the technical knowledge as to what actually works/doesn't work on these cars.

You need a Windstar head gasket set. If you are using Windstar heads on up, you need all those gaskets. The bolt pattern for the head gaskets are going to be the same, only differences could be is if there are any different water jackets in the Windstar motors.

You could also try and ask there as there are far more people posting there that actually understand these engines and the internals.

One very important thing, check and make damn sure that the fuel rails are going to work as well as if the cooling tubes are in the same places. Normally the Windstar motors have the intake at a 180 degree rotation compared to a Mustang engine. Everyone that has the done the swap that posts here has only used the Windstar upper intake and all Mustang parts for the rest of the swap.

Do more research, I think you have bitten off more than you can chew here.
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