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What headers should I get ?

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I want to get some headers for my 91 and I already have h-pipe,flowy's but Im not sure what fits the best for easy install..[longtube,shorty's,ceramic coated]
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I installed BBK Longtubes. The install was easy. Here's a link to my post:

thanx chris,but my h-pipe isnt a shorty,its the same size as the stock pipe so does that mean that I have to go with shorties.and can anybody tell me wich puts out more of a rumble.
yes you will need the shortys,as far as sound well that depedds on the mufflers
I have flowmasters with the h-pipe so Its not bad but I would love to even go louder
get some custom made cut-offs with corks :) that way its just straight header only when you uncork 'em. my bro has some corks on his 77 trans am (400 ci 6.6liter) and its deafingly loud with the plugs off. you can even hook up electronic corks that slide open with the flick of a switch :) dont get any louder than that.
Those headers and mid pipe look awesome. How much did that run total?
thats sounds like the sound that im looking for...thanx Ill give it a shot
dont waste money on shorty headders get some long tubes 1 5/8 i have headman headders and they are pretty good for the price
yea but hes already invested in the h pipe, and id rather install shorties (which im going to do as well) instead of maybe ruining my h-pipe with amatuer cutting and welding (trying to do everything myself)
see now thats another good Q. equal length shorties.and yes I dont want to have to get another h-pipe to fit my long tubes so I guess I have no other choice to get shorties...should I go with equal length and will equal length be a easy install

this is a great chart to show you how well each set of headers perform. im planning on doing a header install after winter. im going with the mac equal length headers 1 5/8s primaries. these seem to be the best set of short tube headers out there. i already had the off road h pipe so im not getting long tubes.
Thanx man nice chart.Have you ever known anybody that had a set of these before? Or are you going by research? I was originally go with the bbk's just didnt know long or short, but will look into the mac ones.
bbk's are pricey, and im poor. ive been looking into pacesetters, and the quality seems like its all there
my brother has chromme bbk shorties on his fox body they are nice hwen they are new and look great but over the years they will rust and not look as well. you can get the mac headers coated so they will not rust and so they will be resistent to heat. i have never used them before.
Just got my MAC unequal lengths today. Hope to put them on over thanksgiving.

Quality looks good at a quick glance and the HTS coating looks ok (was told it's not like ceramic but won't burn right off like paint either) so I'll have to see how that holds up. Came with bolts and copper gaskets (that surprised me, they could have just supplied the normal cheap gaskets) so I think I'll be happy with them.
Looking at your performance chart and having now seen a pair, at this point I'd have to say I'd recommend them from what I can see.
I have used BBK Equal length headers in the past and I just installed a set on my current motor. No fitment issues, but getting at the plugs is another challenge. Originally used them with some D0E 351W heads and had no problem with the plugs. On my current motor I am using a set of older Dart cast Iron heads and it is a little tricky to get the plugs out. Need a thin wall plug socket that has the flats on the end to use a wrench on. I also have flowmasters and with my motor and exhaust combo I like the growl! Loud enough to wake the neighbors but not cause deafness from driving.
i personally think bbk is over rated. thats just my opinion. mac is cheaper and alows for my power. i have never used the mac headers before. but from most poeple i have talked that have them love them.
Ive heard good things with the mac headers,and mabey bbk is over rated the only reason why I was thinking of going with bbk is because I have most bbk parts already.But for the best buy and peformance It sounds like mac is the way to go. Unless I can find bbk's cheaper but that is highly unlikely
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