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What is the best HID Kit?

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Hey guys just wondering what a good quality HID kit is, I am thinking of getting 6k's for my car. I dont want them to be very blue at all, I want the white look. Also should I get resistors so they dont flicker? What are your experiences with HID's and can you post pics of your setup/color temp?

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I can post a picture of mine when i get a chance and no you should not need a resistor for your car, I have 6k and i love them they have a small hint of blue when start up but looks white after running them.
Ill take some later tonight...but i got them from Best HID Kits, HID Headlights online shopping, LCD Projector/Tattoo Kits/CCTV Systems for sale
Ive had them for about a year with no issues and my two friends both got their HID kits here too at the same time and they havent had any issues.

6k 55 watts. is what i have but i have halo projectors so i just went with the low beams
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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