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Hey everyone, I was just wanting to know what the maximum offset of my mustang is. I got a set of 18x8 chrome msr style 044 rims with a 42mm offset and was told that there was no way they would fit on my car. I was reading up on the issue but have got many different opinions that point me in different directions.
from what I've learnt spacers may be the solution to my problem so long as they are hubcentric.
I also learnt about hubcentric rings that adapt your wheel bore size to you specific model.
any opinions on what I should do and weither or not spacers are the way to go would be awesome keeping in mind I'm only 19 and am currently in university so a cant afford to be spending to much money.

the pictures attached are of the ideal rims i would trade for and what my rims look like and whaty they look like on a 98 (not mine, found it on images and want to know how he did it)

If anyone is interested In these rims and would like to trade or buy them off me im open to offers. I'm asking 650 with tires or I'd trade them for a set of 17" cobra r or bullitt rims

thanks for the help
adam :D
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