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What is your unique detailing tip?

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I have read a lot of cool tips within other threads and it is gettin hard to remember all of them. In the spirit of comradierie, please share yours again, here are two of mine:

I wedge a piece of posterboard or cardboard against the windshield when I am detailing with Armour-al protectant so that I avoid the mess on the windshield. I throw the board when I am done.

I also have a small piece of claybar to polish the outside glass and remove any hard deposits that are difficult to remove otherwise. I have not seen any scratches on the glass.
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nghtrnnr said:
my tip is do everything yourself...and never...never...never...ever...go to an automated car wash
That's not a bad suggestion, however, I live in Seattle where as you may know it rains a bit. (Today is our 25th consectutive day of steady, hard rain). I like to have my Pony clean and shiny whenever the roads are dry but I'm not always in a place where I can hand wash my car. Subsequently, I use automated car washes. In fact, I've been through them probably 200 times.

Recently I was giving my Stang a really good Winter cleaning and I noticed the extensive damage the automated car washes had done to my clear coat. For example, the creases in the hood mad so many microscratches they were almost comletely dull. I was so mad at myself for putting my baby through that torture. But there is a happy ending...

I bought the full ZAINO BROS show car polish kit. After a couple coats of Z-5 polish the microscratches were almost completely gone and those hood creases and the rest of the car looked showroom once again. I was so amazed at how well the ZAINO products worked. I didn't even have enough time to complete all the steps in the ZAINO kit and it still looks great. If I completed ALL the steps it would be showcar finish.


Pictures say a thousand words.


TorchRedStang5 said:
i want to try Zaino out but can anyone tell me what i should get first
I got one of the kits that contain everything you need. I am very happy with the results.
firehorse said:
Hey 5twenty, is that the CDC aggressive chin spoiler on your Stang? It looks great, I'm thinking about it for my white GT.Performance white 2005 GT, 5 speed, IUP, stock Bullitt wheels, Shaker 500, active alarm, Lojack
It sure is. I get so many compliments on this item.
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