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What is your unique detailing tip?

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I have read a lot of cool tips within other threads and it is gettin hard to remember all of them. In the spirit of comradierie, please share yours again, here are two of mine:

I wedge a piece of posterboard or cardboard against the windshield when I am detailing with Armour-al protectant so that I avoid the mess on the windshield. I throw the board when I am done.

I also have a small piece of claybar to polish the outside glass and remove any hard deposits that are difficult to remove otherwise. I have not seen any scratches on the glass.
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I wash from top to bottom also, always have. sheepskin washmits seem to be the best. I use a different wash mit for the wheels, under lower rocker panel, and wheel well lips. Which I do last. Both sets of my wheels are easily cleaned with the wash mit, no nooks or cranies to clean. Westlys bleach white with a scrub brush is good every other wash on the tires to get the brake dust, and goo that has stuck to tire gloss/shine whatever you use.

I tired lexol, didnt like it. Zainos stuff is good, leaves a nice smell afterwords too.

Always wipe down inside of doors, trunk and hood. Also check that both door drain plugs have been removed. A few people I know have had one in each door still there. Mine included.

microfiber waffle weave towels seem to be the best for drying. I made a mistake of using cheap stolen hotel towels on my black tbird. Ugh that was one big swirl.

And to replace armorall, I highly recommend 303 aerospace protectant

Waaaay better than armorall. the plastics around the radio is where I really noticed how better it was. No smearing, greasy feeling, and alot less dust sticks to this stuff. Get a small bottle, give it a try.

some great tips given here. Cant go wrong with any. Which reminds me i need to claybar the windsheild the next wash, good idea!
+1 for zaino. Get it on the trim and it barley shows, and wipes away easily.
I hated this on my other cars until i discovered zaino. Other waxes were horrible if you got them on the trim.
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05LegendLime said:
Tube socks are under-rated....I don't know about the rest of you..but the life of a tube sock has been reduced. The elastic is streched after a few months. That is good news for my cars. Stick it on your hand like a hand puppet(if you are can even put a face on it and let your neighbors question your sanity):happyhapp :eyebulge: . Anyway, they are great for cleaning the wax on the edges and gaps. Also under the spoiler. They don't snag as much as a flopping rag. You can also get into those gaps in the rims. Plus they are plentyful so you can pitch it when done.
I would not recomend it to do an entire car but for the small parts, it is like having a rag glued to your you can spin it around every once in a while and " refresh it".
Lol, I use old socks for my Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss
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