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What is your unique detailing tip?

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I have read a lot of cool tips within other threads and it is gettin hard to remember all of them. In the spirit of comradierie, please share yours again, here are two of mine:

I wedge a piece of posterboard or cardboard against the windshield when I am detailing with Armour-al protectant so that I avoid the mess on the windshield. I throw the board when I am done.

I also have a small piece of claybar to polish the outside glass and remove any hard deposits that are difficult to remove otherwise. I have not seen any scratches on the glass.
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That's a great point about the auto carwashes. Now during the winter is killing me that I can't detail my car. Too freaking cold to wash by hand. About twice a week I go to the car wash and clean it as best as possible with the spray hose. I also do my best to spray underneath to get the salt off the undercarriage. But doesn't completely wash the car. I do detail the tires, wheels, engine bay and windows once a week. I'm so close to taking her through an auto carwash to just get her clean at least once...but I've held back. If it gets to at least 50 degrees F at least once, I'm going to wash her. What are you guys and gals in the cold parts doing to wash your car?
J&D said:
I've read that a pink eraser will remove wax deposits from the trim.
I've read that peanut butter does to. But how the hell do you get the peanut butter out??? :happyhapp
pcfrisch said:
Leave it outside, the squirels will take care of it.
Actually, we could leave it for Stoenr. Help him out with the munchies!!:smoke:
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