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What kind of rims should I get?

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My blue 2000 mustang has white 19 inch 10 spoke rims. I was thinkgin about either repainting them white or buying new rims. Chrome, white or black? and what brand?
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White wheels are hard to pull off. I would recommend chrome if you like the bling and attention, or black if you are looking for less flash but a more serious attitude look.

Black chrome might be something to check out.
I'd look into chrome rims with removable inserts that match your body paint to "accent" (i.e. compliment) your stang's paint color. Not too much blue, just enough to offset the abundence of chrome.

The inserts can be removed & painted a custom color other than black. I'm not specifically recommending this wheel, just giving you an idea of what I'm talking about.

idk, it might be a lil bit too much flash for your own personal tastes; I'm just throwing around ideas. Best of luck in your search for rims.
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those rims are sick. thanks
No prob bro. Glad you liked em & glad I could be of help. :bigthumbsup
Go with the chrome rims. They make your car stand out.
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