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what kind of s/c do you think it is?

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Just seen a stang(05-09) with a heat exchanger that was silver in colour with black writing senciled on it.

What supercharger packages come with a heat exchanger that has a black stencil on it? I know you can buy aftermarket exchangers with this characteristic but I think it probably came as a package.
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hahaha, So I ran into the guy whos car it is. Apparently he installed a real heat exchanger without a supercharger. pretty funny. Thats a lot of work taking the front bumper off and everything just for that...although he said he is planning on getting a s/ day.
so he's got an interfooler?

rice-tastic :winks
haha, you nailed it.:bigthumbsup
Ill bet you wouldnt believe how many kids actually do crap like that, some of them might even hook them up to their intake as an NA intercooler. :rollgrin: Talk about a good way to add restriction to a intake tract.
I used to have a 92 honda accord, and I remember I was going through a street in an area where there was alot of ricers and some kid about 12-13 crouched down and was trying to look in the grill and front openings to see if I had an intercooler as I drove by.

I couldn't help but laugh because the car was bone stock at the time.

I've even seen people that would take their radiator out, spray paint it silver and then use a stencil and spray paint a logo or brand name on it then stick it back in so it would look like an intercooler.
See less See more's because of guys like him why I get questions like "Do you really have a supercharger, or are your guages just for show?"
i have yet to have a person notice my intercooler aside from pointing out the extra tank added for the intercooler, even with the roush front end and larger lower grill area
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